Thank you for visiting our homepage, D.H.CHEM CO,. LTD.

D.H.CHEM CO,. LTD. was established in 2008 and started to sell chemicals, solvents, penthane, etc.

At present, we are expanding our business area to all chemicals related to organic
and inorganic chemistry and we are growing steadily every year.

Also, we have endeavored to meet the needs of various customers in the industrial field.

As a result, we have a wide range of suppliers from domestic products to imported ones.

In addition, we have invested in Tianjin, China since 2009, in "Tianjin Solon Sports Goods CO., LTD."
which is manufacturing shoe materials not only outsole of safty shoes, footwear components, etc.
Chinese factory products are exported overseas.

D.H.CHEM CO., LTD. is preparing for a new leap forward as a company in the era of globalzation.

We do our best to give full satisfaction and long-lasting impression to our future customers
by supplying the best quality products at the best prices at the right time.

We always try to satisfy our customers with our products.

Thanks & Best Regards.